COMING SOON!  “Return to Frazier Bay” has a new title and a new name… “The Return of Gabe McLeod,” the first book in the new Frazier Bay Series featuring the McLeod family. The book will be available across Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Kobo late September so if you didn’t pick up Return to Frazier Bay when it was on sale earlier in the year, never fear, but note that Gabe McLeod is no different to Frazier Bay, just a new title, some name changes and a new cover.


The Frazier Bay series Book One

The Frazier Bay series Book One


“Falling for Jack” finalled in the RWNZ Koru Award for both print and digital books. It won second place (fellow Kiwi Barb DeLeo was first!) and finalled along with Julie Mac and Isabella Hargreaves. Very exciting to know readers loved the story!


And New Zealand won!  Kiwi librarian/blogger Sally has run a NZ v The World Challenge for romance novels, and Blue Creek Bachelor was the nomination in the sweet category – versus the queen of sweet romance, Debbie Macomber. And Blue Creek won! Check it out here - and thank you, Sally!

This digital boxed set of seven novels by seven Kiwi indie authors was on iBooks exclusively last month, but has now gone onto Amazon.
They’re all contemporary from chick lit to more intense and angsty. It is an insane price (.99c)with a “second chances” theme around all the stories. Mine – “Dating Daisy” – is more a comedy about a Ponsonby book store owner whose business is in strife, an ancient history professor who has just returned to NZ after advising on the movie called the ‘new and historically accurate ‘Gladiator’, and a TV dating show called ‘Mystery Date’. Also available for for a limited time now on the iBooks Store.
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If you want to keep a watch on what a whole bunch of indie authors are up to, check out www.enovelauthorsatwork.com Sign up to the newsletter to keep abreast of Kindle Daily Deals, promotions and sales. This is a diverse group of writers from thriller to romantic comedy to suspense authors… Do check them out.
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