Falling for Jack (City of Sails)

Falling for Jack

A heart-warming story of second chances and self discovery, of family and the love that overcomes all.
Jack Fletcher has survived his rough upbringing to become a mega success, but with his personal life down the toilet, discovering he has a son sends his life even further into turmoil. Robyn Taylor was the brainy girl destined for great things who now waits tables for a living to support her twins. Life is a struggle, but when Jack convinces her he needs her to look after his son, the conditions are too good to turn down.

Robyn has always had a bit of a crush on Jack, but being this close means the crush is rapidly turning into something else, and when Jack gets shocking news, it draws the two of them even closer together.

But how can Jack ever believe he can be a father to his son, and a husband to a woman who must learn not only how to trust him – but to have faith in herself as well.

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Some great reviews for Falling for Jack.

I really enjoyed Falling for Jack! (5 Stars) The plot of this book was a little predictable, but so much fun to read. I LOVED the relationship between the children and the storyline with Jack’s son was heartbreaking and bittersweet.”

“This is a sweet story with great character building. A story of life, circumstance and family. A story of children and hope. My first time reading Joanne Hill – won’t be my last!”

“Falling For Jack is such a good story. It completely pulled me in emotionally. It starts off with a cheating scandal and both the hero and heroine feeling rejected on many levels. All of the characters have endearing qualities. During a particular scene in the story I felt so sad for Jack’s son that I had to take a pause because I started to get that lump in my throat and teared up. Without giving anything away it’s just a good read.”

Falling for Jack flowed in a way I wasn’t expecting in a good way.”