Promising Penny

A sequel to Dating Daisy – EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZON

Penny Portman works in her parents’ Auckland cafe and dreams of running her own cakery one day. When old friend Michael – her late brother’s best friend – shows up out of the blue, her old feelings for him resurface, and she wonders if he will ever think of her as more than  plain Penny – his honorary sister.

Michael has just had the year from hell – losing his best friend and riddled with guilt over the way he’s neglected Penny, he’s come out of that wilderness to get his life back on track – and most of all, to make it up to Penny for not being around. But he quickly discovers there’s more to Pen than he ever realised. 


Promisng Penny was part of the boxed set “Christmas DownUnder” – which ran for two months late 2015. Here are some reviews that came in for the story:

This one works because of the strong sub-plot. I found myself cheering for Penny’s success, and since I’m a foodie, too (except not as good a cook), I felt like she was someone that I could really like.”

“Another winner. This book runs the gamut of emotions and has realistic relationships.”

“A sad story… It takes the help of two families and some wonderful friends to help them get together. This is a sweet story with a lot of emotional depth to it and I enjoyed it.”

“Good characters, easy to read and hits the nail on the head – Romantic, great read for your lunch hour.”