Meet Joanne

Do you love the kind of story that is filled with humour and emotion, friends and family? Add to that the odd puppy or feisty feline, the ups and downs of contemporary life, and course, that one thing that affects us all: romantic relationships.

Those are the stories I love to read and especially to write. The kind of story that MUST have a happy-ever-after, and that leaves you feeling good at the end! As a friend of mine once said: You don’t just read a romance novel, you wallow in it!

My stories are heartwarming, sweet romances set in small towns (like fictional Frazier Bay) or big cities (such as Auckland). They are in e-book and are available on Amazon, as well as retailers such as Kobo, Barnes and Noble , and the iBooks store.

Every few weeks I send an email newsletter out to subscribers. I share what I’m working on, the odd review, recipe or recommendation, sites I’ve found useful. Anything goes! Sign up, and you’ll get a copy of my short story collection, Love the Commute: Short romantic reads for the ride home.