These are the books that have been begun, but have a publication date of “when they’re finished.”

THE HEART OF MATTHEW McLEOD – the second in the Frazier Bay series.  Matthew McLeod has returned to his home town, following his marriage break-up, back to his family and his new career running a chain of successful cafes. Librarian Anna has found a new home there, as she rebuilds her life after the death of her young daughter. Romance isn’t on the cards for either of them, as they struggle to deal with what life has thrown at them, and rebuilding their new lives in the small town of Frazier Bay.

NATE AND JEN – this has been on the boiler for years and is a comedy/time travel. Jen can’t commit to new boyfriend, Nate, who naturally adores her but she’s got ex husband issues, and teen kid issues. Then when she decides she can’t go on and that she’s screwed up her own life enough, she wakes up one day… ten years in the past. The idea of going back a decade intrigues me – how cute would your kids be, how would you all look, what things were there from that time period you no longer had…. all that stuff.