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I write sweet romance novels set both in small towns and big cities, in locations here in New Zealand and overseas; they’re stories about families, friends, and always, some fun in the angst of the romantic tale!

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Bringing Back Emily, Book 3 in the ‘City of Sails’ series, and a follow on  from Falling for Jack, and All About Sage  is now available exclusively to Amazon.   Buy it here.

A woman whose life has just been turned upside down yet again, a man who is trying to atone for a past he can’t forget… and the journey that brings these two so-not-ready-for-romance people together.
A wounded loner, Patrick Coulter is a man with secrets. Living with a burden from which he believes he can never escape, he has a contract to write his life story, and he hopes it will atone for what he has done. He rents a house to focus on the book, which happens to be next door to quirky Sage Lockwood. He can cope with Sage, but he doesn’t count on meeting the woman who is about to change his life – and change him forever. Sage’s friend, Emily.
As Emily and Patrick draw closer together and try to move through their own struggles, their feelings for each other grow. But can there ever be a future for two people with such uncertain futures? Can love overcome their very real struggles?  “Bringing Back Emily” is the third book in the City of Sails series.

Do you fancy some modern romance with a hearty dose of laugh-out-loud comedy? Then read the “Dating” books ~ start with Dating Daisy.

And if you like a gentle, heartwarming story, then visit Clearlake Country, Books One and Two now on Amazon.

Charlotte’s Wish: When Dr Adam Grainger takes a new job in Clearlake County’s biggest hospital, he opts to live in the countryside and commute. The small, rural town of Riverdale is the perfect place to bring up his daughter, Charlotte. But weeks into this new, ‘easy’ lifestyle, he’s beginning to wonder if he’s just made a big mistake because the commuting takes longer and he’s seeing less of Charlotte. Has he made a mistake, dragging Charlotte away from the life she knew? His new neighbor, Bridget, is at her own cross roads. Her teenage sons have left home, and she’s a textbook case of Empty Nest Syndrome. Her job teaching marketing is less than exciting and her casual boyfriend of two years – landscape gardener, Phillip Craig – has asked her to marry him. But her new neighbours are about to set Bridget on a path she never anticipated taking. And in doing so, will stretch her emotions to the core.

Finding Farrell: Farrell Bridgewater has thrown everything into her financial career to get her where where she is today, and the last thing she needs are distractions – especially distractions like lawyer Nick Blake. So when she and Nick are charged with managing her late father’s estate, Farrell has good reason to stay clear of Nick. Especially since they once shared a night that changed her life, a night she’s tried to forget – a night he clearly can’t remember.
The late Professor Dean Bridgewater was like a father to Nick: an irony since the professor had nothing to do with his only child, Farrell. Being named co-heir to the estate and the associated Trust is a shock to Nick, but even more are the feelings that blindside him when he meets Farrell. He’s determined to find out what makes her tick – and even more, why she’s hell bent on avoiding him when attraction burns so fiercely between them. And even though she denies they ever met, there’s something that tells him she’s lying, and he wants to know why. But Farrell is facing her own demons, and neither of them looks like backing down any time soon.

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Fun, friends and family ~ romantic stories for your heart.