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When Stacey Sutherland gets the job of writing a report on the old St George Theatre, it involves more than just the facts. She grew up in that theatre and she can’t bear to to see it demolished, even though the writing is on the wall for the once grand old building. But she won’t go down without giving it a fighting chance of being restored.

Developer Jonathan Harte has grand plans for the site once the theatre is gone, but he’s a stickler for leaving no stone unturned. Who is more perfect to write the report, then, than someone with an emotional investment in the building like Stacey? But when a fire breaks out in the theatre and Jonathan is accused of arson by a heritage group, it seems there are greater forces at play. And when it becomes clear that it isn’t just Jonathan who is the target, that it’s Stacey, too, he will do all he can to protect her. Even if he risks falling in love with the very woman who could scuttle his plans.

Author’s Pick – Bringing Back Emily

Bringing Back Emily won Best Short Book in the 2021 Romance Writers of New Zealand Koru Awards at the RWNZ conference in Wellington.

A woman whose life has just been turned upside down yet again, a man who is trying to atone for a past he can’t forget… and the journey that brings these two so-not-ready-for-romance people together.
After her ex-rugby star husband dumped her while she was pregnant, Emily Randell is moving on with her baby daughter, Bella. She’s planning to return to her career as a doctor, now that life is calming back down–that is, until she finds out that the one, foolish night she spent with her ‘ex’ has left her pregnant. When she meets Patrick Coulter a man facing his own demons, it seems like romance would be the last thing either of them want. But love often finds a way…

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