You Read That Trash?

Last week I gave a library talk on the romance genre titled “You Read That Trash?” as part of a heritage talk series. Romance novels of course are loaded with fabulous heritage aspects, from the amazing covers themselves, to the social history of women through the century.One fascinating aspect was the popularity of medical romances and how,Continue reading “You Read That Trash?”

Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Fifty Shades, Tolkien and the Luminaries

In a nutshell, I have not read Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, The Luminaries, Lord of the Rings or Fifty Shades of Grey. (That’s a pretty spectacular list, I must say.) This post was originally written for a different blog but being that “content re-purposing” is the in thing, I present it here. A friend wasContinue reading “Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Fifty Shades, Tolkien and the Luminaries”