Writerly stuff

My Kindle has died and after googling things to do to fix it, and really, being none the wiser,

        Gratuitous Writer Pic:  Only one went on to literary stardom…..

I’ve decided, screw it, I’ll get another one. It will be my third, after the first one bit the dust after only a year but I got a refund on that, and bought another. I have so many e-books I’m dying to read, that I need to get one asap. I don’t mind reading on the phone but a Kindle is better, so am quite looking forward to that, especially as a few of the books are writerly how to books. 
One of the writers I’m intrigued by is Dean Wesley Smith. I’ve never read his fiction but was watching an interview recently, with Smith and his wife Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and their insight into publishing was fascinating. Plus they were the cutest couple, and who does not love a cute couple.
Smith had studied the pulp writers of the 30s and analysed the way they worked, and he has utilised some of their principles and has written a lot on the “pulp” way of writing. These guys’ output was amazing so am looking forwarding to reading the analysis.
Have a neat week, everyone.

In which we talk about writing stuff…

Just back from a fabulous writerly retreat down in the King Country. We talked writing, plotting, marketing, social media, and had a great time in the process.

TeKuiti writers retreat Toni Kenyon Joanne Hill Rowena May O'Sullivan
Looking out over Te Kuiti

One of the best parts of a few days away with a couple of old friends is of course just the yakking. Drinking coffee, laptops on – laps! – heading outside for some fresh air and driving into town for brunch in the  mornings.

Te Kuiti writers retreat Joanne Hill Toni Kenyon Rowena May O'Sullivan
The backyard of the house – just gorgeous

One of the things I love about the romance community is that we are so diverse – I write romantic comedy that is sweet, Rowena light paranormal and Toni more intense novels and erotica.  But we all love what we do, and love talking books. Was a pretty darned perfect weekend!!