In which we talk about writing stuff…

Just back from a fabulous writerly retreat down in the King Country. We talked writing, plotting, marketing, social media, and had a great time in the process. Looking out over Te Kuiti One of the best parts of a few days away with a couple of old friends is of course just the yakking. DrinkingContinue reading “In which we talk about writing stuff…”

iBooks banner-love

iBooks rock! Here is a screenshot of the most gorgeous banner on the iBooks Store here downunder promoting the exclusive pre order for Return to Frazier Bay.  It’s just lovely, don’t you think? and, just quietly, it’s not too shabby sitting next to La Nora either! The release date for Frazier Bay is May 3rd. AllContinue reading “iBooks banner-love”

Casino Royale this August

Romance Writers of New Zealand have announced the schedule for the upcoming August conference August 14-17th, and there is a stellar group of authors taking part. I’m keen to hear indie superstar Marie Force especially and she’s offering some great seminars during the weekend on topics such as author branding. Karina Bliss will be talkingContinue reading “Casino Royale this August”