City of Sails series

Come downunder and visit Auckland, the City of Sails, where this group of friends live, play, and fall in love. A feelgood, fun, and romantic series that will warm your heart.

Falling for Jack

Jack Fletcher has survived his rough upbringing to become a mega success, but with his personal life down the toilet, discovering he has a son sends his life even further into turmoil.
Robyn Taylor was the brainy girl destined for great things who now waits tables for a living to support her twins. Life is a struggle, but when Jack convinces her he needs her to look after his son, the conditions are too good to say ‘no’ to.
Robyn has always had a bit of a crush on Jack, but being this close means the crush is rapidly turning into something else, and when Jack gets shocking news, it draws the two even closer together.
But how can Jack ever believe he can be a father to his son, and a husband to a woman who must learn not only how to trust him, but to have faith in herself as well.
Falling for Jack is the first in the City of Sails sweet romance series, set in Auckland, New Zealand.

All About Sage

Sage Lockwood and Ethan McGraw were never meant to end up babysitting their best friends’ children. For a start, their lone experience of childminding was something they’d both rather forget – and it had nothing to do with the children.
For another, they just don’t like each other, in spite of the chemistry sitting awkwardly and undeniably between them. Not to mention that Sage has been dating the much younger Barry, and Ethan is far too “male” for Sage anyway. Ethan also happens to think Sage is more than a little crazy, although she’s a great mother to sixteen-year-old Harriet. Yet when they step up to babysit Jack and Robyn’s kids (Falling for Jack), Sage and Ethan pretty soon realise that the feelings they harbour for each other just can’t be ignored – no matter how hard they try!

Bringing Back Emily

A woman whose life has just been turned upside down yet again, a man who is trying to atone for a past he can’t forget… and the journey that brings these two so-not-ready-for-romance people together.
After her ex-rugby star husband dumped her while she was pregnant, Emily Randell is moving on with her baby daughter, Bella. She’s planning to return to her career as a doctor, now that life is calming back down–that is, until she finds out that the one, foolish night she spent with her ‘ex’ has left her pregnant. All she wanted to do was make sure she was well and truly over Brad Randell, but what a mistake that was! Now, her life is in turmoil yet again.
A wounded loner, Patrick Coulter is a man with secrets. Living with a burden from which he believes he can never escape, he has a contract to write his life story, and he hopes it will atone for what he has done. He rents a house to focus on the book, which happens to be next door to quirky Sage Lockwood. He can cope with Sage, but he doesn’t count on meeting the woman who is about to change his life – and change him forever. Sage’s friend, Emily.
As Emily and Patrick draw closer together and try to move through their own struggles, their feelings for each other grow. But can there ever be a future for two people with such uncertain futures? Can love overcome their very real struggles? A sweet romance filled with emotion and humour, “Bringing Back Emily” is the third book in the City of Sails series. Fall in love again with the quirky City of Sails characters, from eccentric housekeeper, Mrs Parker, to Sage’s smart and sassy daughter Harry, to the unforgettable Sage, and uber cool Ethan ~ and of course, Robyn and Jack.

The Daniel Deal

A modern romance packed with heartwarming emotion, a touch of humour, a marriage of convenience…. and a wee Fox Terrier called Barnaby, who is about to change everything in The Daniel Deal.Daniel Christie’s beloved grandfather, Sir Arthur Christie, is dying, and Daniel knows there’s only way to make his last weeks happy ones – give him the one thing he’s always wanted – the promise of heirs. All Daniel has to do is fall in love, have the wedding, and follow it with lots of little Daniels.Well, that’s not going to happen. So Daniel comes up with the next best solution. He hires jobless Melinda Green to be his wife.
Mel has good reason to accept Daniel’s crazy deal. Her bills are mounting, and with her invalid mother needing ongoing care, Mel knows a few months as Mrs Christie, with the massive payment at the end, is a gift from heaven. And just because Daniel is rich and he’s gorgeous doesn’t mean she’ll end up with “feelings” for him. After all, her fiancé just dumped her for her best friend so men are totally off the radar.
Or, so she thought, because the Daniel deal is about to change everything!
Come downunder to the city of Sails, Auckland, and meet the Christies: wealthy Daniel and his bride, Melinda, a woman he never expected to fall in love with, let alone change his heart in the process.The Daniel Deal is a modern romance, guaranteed to warm your heart, as two strangers fine love in the most unusual place: their marriage!

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