Christmas horror story

Well. Where do I start?

Actually, I won’t, as such, except to say – not wise to make a recipe for Christmas lunch off the

internet hours before you intend to consume it.

Yes, that is exactly what I did, dear reader, as I decided to make a…. pavlova. I found a recipe on the net, cooked it, but oh my gosh – it was the foulest piece of egg white rubbish I ever had. Rubbery. Weird taste.
So I quickly went back to the standard for pavlova’s – New Zealand’s Edmonds Cook book and made a very nice pavlova. To be fair the thing shrank so it was flat as a flat pancake and I had to smother it with cream. 
But it did taste fine.
So the tip is….. don’t cook pavlova?
I think I’ll buy mine next time.
Happy Christmas.