HAPPY 2014

Happy 2014… in which I give thanks I made it to another year, and wasn’t run over by a bus or anything. Which given my propensity to cross roads at inappropriate moments, and the fact that last year I did actually have a bit of an incident crossing a very busy road, is truly rather a miracle.2014. My gosh! I was reminiscing with my sister how mother never thought she’d ever make it to the year 2000 because the millennium was just so huge to contemplate. YTK and all that. Back in the 1970s we thought we’d be running around in silver suits and flying to Mars every day. Amazing. I spent the New Year down country which was nice. Actually, no, it wasn’t nice at all. It was a very stressful trip which involved seven hours in a car with rescued battery hens, a vehicle with no registration, no back indicators and no brake lights (seriously), and even worse, no radio or CD player so on the way back, sans poultry and other humans, I had to amuse myself singing. Quite tiring really. There was tons of other stuff which happened, most of it involving paranoia, and mercifully, a few days on, it is mostly a distant memory. Suffice to say, normal is so nice. So very, very nice. What wasn’t so nice was my singing These Foolish Games on the way home. So in lieu of bad, unaccompanied vocals, here’s a nicer live version…

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