Playing at being a farm girl

I just got back home after a week at my other home, down at the farm.
Though it isn’t actually a real farm. The olds sold up their big farm years ago and down-scaled,  and now the land is leased out to a neighbour so its his sheep and cattle there out on the paddocks these days.

Back in the day on the real farm, there were all the cool things for us townies to do like feeding the lambs, riding around on quad bikes, and jumping over hay bales.

If we were there around New Year we got to do the hideous neat stuff like haymaking. Nothing like that to bring on allergies. Or risk serious injury. Has to be one of the worst jobs but fortunately there are always people around who actually like doing that stuff to help out.

For various undisclosed reasons this time I was forced agreed to get up at 3.30am most mornings, and its just beautiful at that time. I’m not sure I agree that the sky is brighter and clearer out there in rural land, but its pretty magnif. On the downside coming back home around 6.30 every morning, I noticed more of those pesky rabbit/hare things running around the place. They’re not actually cute, those rabbits. Nothing like dear old Dudley our pet bunny, may he rest in peace.

One of the neighbour’s horses, an 18-year-old whose name I can’t remember, was hanging around the place as well, which is nice. They really are amazing creatures. Is there still a demand for those girl and pony books?

And that was the latest trip down to the farm. Long may it last.