You Read That Trash?

Last week I gave a library talk on the romance genre titled “You Read That Trash?” as part of a heritage talk series. Romance novels of course are loaded with fabulous heritage aspects, from the amazing covers themselves, to the social history of women through the century.One fascinating aspect was the popularity of medical romances and how,Continue reading “You Read That Trash?”

The Very Bad Habit that will be the death of me – or will it?

I have known for some time that the Very Bad Habit of sitting in bed, with a laptop, writing stuff, would one day be the death of me. Well, the death of a pain-free existence. I have thought this every time I have slumped in bed against dodgy pillows, admired the cat sleeping, a cupContinue reading “The Very Bad Habit that will be the death of me – or will it?”

The enormous appeal of romance novels – why we love them

I’m giving a talk in a library in a few months on the appeal of romance novels so have been thinking a bit about it.Everyone no doubt has a different reason for why they like a good romance. Just as those who read thrillers like the anticipation and the ride of the journey, those whoContinue reading “The enormous appeal of romance novels – why we love them”

DIY Home Improvement and the floorboards

I am so not a DIY home-improvement, get-excited-over-renovation kind of person. I fully think that any couple who are even CONSIDERING renovating, especially if one of them is anal a bit fussy, should have a marriage guidance counsellor on tap. This stuff is rough. I also don’t much care for it when, of course, IContinue reading “DIY Home Improvement and the floorboards”