The "C" word, chickpeas, and a yummy recipe that did not fail

The longer I have chickens (the half dozen that reside in my back yard) the harder it is to write that ingredient in shopping lists or recipes. It  feels very, very wrong, and I know it’s only a matter of time before that white meat will disappear from the diet altogether.But it hasn’t, not justContinue reading “The "C" word, chickpeas, and a yummy recipe that did not fail”

Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Fifty Shades, Tolkien and the Luminaries

In a nutshell, I have not read Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, The Luminaries, Lord of the Rings or Fifty Shades of Grey. (That’s a pretty spectacular list, I must say.) This post was originally written for a different blog but being that “content re-purposing” is the in thing, I present it here. A friend wasContinue reading “Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Fifty Shades, Tolkien and the Luminaries”

Being sick, losing weight

No, I am not sick, but I have been reading Debbie Macomber’s latest book “Twelve Days of Christmas” and there’s a great bit where the heroine is sick.She, Julia, has the flu, and the hero is in her apartment helping her.He asks what he can do for her, and she says “Can you help meContinue reading “Being sick, losing weight”

Fare-thee-well Santa Bears, et al

A week, almost, into 2017.Eiphany is upon us which means – time to take the decorations and the tree down, pack the santa bears away, and hope all the excess chocolates have well and truly gone.(Please let all the chocolate be gone so the recovery process can begin…) Over the new year, I’ve been planningContinue reading “Fare-thee-well Santa Bears, et al”

2015’s Christmas Dessert Disaster

WARNING: Contains bad language but is said in the spirit of frustration so I accept your forgiveness in advance, you’re most welcome, and please read on. So.Pretty much every year something unexpected happens around the Christmas dessert.Once it was when I made the pavlova on Christmas Day – the actual day –  and it wasContinue reading “2015’s Christmas Dessert Disaster”