I wallow in a really lovely review

Normally I wallow in the misery of rejection but that’s another story…. They say that pride goes before a fall but I’m not being proud here, I’m just being totally chuffed at a lovely review on Amazon. The reality of being an author is that the crap reviews will come, but I’m just wallowing in a nice review for a book that had the crap rejected out of it. (Is that even a logical phrase?? – but y’all know what I mean.) So here goes… sigh… I really liked this. I thought it was a short story and really there could not be any real character development, so why since it has been 2 days am I still remembering all of the characters??? Although Daniel may seem a bit stand-off-ish(is this how you spell this word?) I can understand so completely his attitude. He has so much responsibility on his shoulders. His brothers have left the running of a big corporation to Daniel and they are off having the time of their lives with there large allowances. Daniel loves his grandfather more than anything or anyone in his life. However, his grandfather is dying and Daniel wants to badly to do something that will make his grandfather’s last days happy. Since his brothers have not been taking any interest in the Corporation, which has caused great concern with the grandfather it is up to Daniel to do something. Daniel knows what will make his grandfather happy, that is for him to get married and provide heirs for the continuation of their corporate success. How and why does Daniel choose Melanie? What was the arrangement between them? Does Daniel end up loving Barnaby (his grandfather’s dog. (I did) I felt very fullfilled when I completed this book, just like when you have finished a great meal, everything is good!!! When I have had great things to say about a book, I guess I have been remiss in not giving KUDOS to the author. So Joanne Hill here it is (KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS) Thanks