Mother’s Day has been and gone, and we are a low key kind of family so it was a low key kind of day. I have tendencies towards frugalism by nature (ie I am cheap, except for coloring my hair because that is one thing I truly believe you need a professional for, and one day I might will be grey and need even more help) so when my son gave me a mother’s day present of new boards for the kitchen and a rolling pin, I was so happy. The old boards were actually warped and the rolling pin only had one handle, that’s how cheap anti having excess stuff I am. The rolling pin would have to break before I got a new one and even then I’d probably use a bottle to roll out the dough. No, just kidding! Well, maybe not…
We had a roast for dinner which is the best meal ever, and sat around listening to the radio. Just like olden times. There was an NRL game on, and it was close to going to golden point so was quite exciting but even more, it was just really lovely sitting having a meal with the family.
And that was how I spent Mother’s Day.