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Sage Lockwood and Ethan McGraw were never meant to end up babysitting their best friends’ children. For a start, their lone experience of childminding was something they’d both rather forget – and it had nothing to do with the children.
For another, they just don’t like each other – in spite of the chemistry sitting awkwardly and undeniably between them. Not to mention that Sage has been dating the much younger Barry, and Ethan is far too “male” for Sage anyway. Ethan also happens to think Sage is more than a little crazy, although she’s a great mother to sixteen-year-old Harriet. Yet when they step up to be childminders for their friends, Sage and Ethan pretty soon realise that the feelings they harbour for each other just can’t be ignored – no matter how hard they try.
All About Sage, Book 2 in the City of Sails series. A sequel to Falling for Jack.