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Fare-thee-well Santa Bears, et al

A week, almost, into 2017.
Eiphany is upon us which means – time to take the decorations and the tree down, pack the santa bears away, and hope all the excess chocolates have well and truly gone.
(Please let all the chocolate be gone so the recovery process can begin…)

Over the new year, I’ve been planning my writing out for the next twelve months. Always subject to change and actually always does change. But as it stands….
Book Two in the Frazier Bay series is being written. I had toyed with the idea of making all the people related, with family trees and all that stuff, but in the end thought, nope, its about the town, its about the setting of Frazier Bay. Interestingly, the first time I wrote about Frazier Bay was as a short story which won a competition and years later I thought, hmmm. This would make a great place to set a novel.
I also have book three of the Clearlake County series in the pipeline. Quite excited about that; introducing new characters but also bringing in some of the people from the previous books.
And all going well, there will be Michelle’s story,  Michelle from Dating Daisy. She was a fun and kind of crazy girl so that will be a bit of a hoot to plan out and write.
There are some neat promotional opportunities I’ll be part of coming up, so if you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter to hear about them in good time, please do so. Newsletter sign up link.
I’ve also decided (just this week, actually) to take the Instagram plunge because why not? Its not a bad way to pass the time on the bus to and from work, scrolling through other people’s gorgeousness, and it has to be far better than scrolling through the news websites, which one tends to do a lot and then pretty much regrets. Not that I’m likely to post anything amazing to Instagram. How many pictures of the chickens and the cat can you take, anyway? Actually, dozens I imagine. Or things like a pic of my all time favourite Christmas tree decorations, still, amazingly (you have no idea how amazing it really is) in their box. And all twelve of them are still there, neither lost nor broken. A Christmas miracle indeed.
Enjoy taking the tree and those decorations down… until ….. Christmas!!

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